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Terms and Conditions (or Privacy Policy)

Version July 27, 2019

General Terms

The APFN Platform is a service to connect tenants and house lords for temporary housing for the first weeks in Eindhoven. It is linked to the TU/e community: TU/e students looking for places to stay, TU/e students and TU/e employers offering places to stay.


The APFN platform’s purpose is to link both parties (named subscribers) and provides services to exchange personal data so that both parties can make agreements on the right terms and conditions.


The APFN Platform respects the privacy of its subscribers and other persons whose personal data it processes. 


The APFN Platform processes personal data for purposes including search methodology and operational management, within the framework of statutory obligations and to protect legitimate interests of the APFN Platform.


The APFN team acknowledges that the personal data which it processes are valuable for the data subjects and that careless treatment of personal data by the APFN Platform may result in infringements of privacy and may lead to other disadvantages or damage to data subjects. 


The APFN Platform states that:

  • APFN assumes responsibility for the careful treatment of the personal data which it processes;
  • APFN will comply with applicable legislation and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • APFN will be transparent proactively about the processing of personal data, the purpose of such processing and the manner of its execution;
  • APFN will distribute data only to partners mentioned on this website, such as tenants and
  • APFN will use this data for a short period of time, namely between 1 July 2019 and 1 December 2019, afterwards all databases will be deleted; and
  • APFN will adequately protect the personal data for whose processing it is responsible.


Collection of personal data

By signing up for this website, the subscribers agree upon having services and appointments arranged by APFN for you. The subscriber automatically authorizes APFN to exchange personal data with organizations (i.e. tenants and house lords offering housing) necessary in order to arrange the above mentioned services and appointments.


Third parties

Subscribers to this website agree not to distribute personal data to third parties, without written permission of the relevant data subject(s) and APFN.


Rights of data subjects

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives Data Subjects rights with which they can exercise control over the Processing of their Personal Data. A request for information, inspection, rectification, addition, removal or restriction of the Processing can be submitted in writing to


APFN ensures that the information and communication is provided to the Data Subject in a concise, easily accessible and understandable way and in clear and plain language. The language will be attuned to the target group.


A request from a Data Subject will be responded to in writing as soon as possible, but no later than within four weeks after its submission. Hereby the Data Subject will in any case be notified about the action that has been taken on the request. If the time period of four weeks is not reasonably feasible, the Data Subject will be informed thereof within this period. In that case APFN will take action on the request of the Data Subject within two months after the expiry of the first period.


In the provision of the relevant information, APFN ensures that the identity of the person making the request is ascertained properly. To this end APFN can ask for extra information.

A request for the exercise of one of the rights as elaborated in this chapter by a Data Subject, being a Minor, a person subject to a guardianship order or for whose benefit an administration or a mentorship has been granted, is made by that person’s legal representative. A reaction by APFN will also be sent to this legal representative.


Right to object

For Data Subjects there are two grounds for objecting to a Processing:

  1. In connection with his or her personal circumstances, every Data Subject can object to Processing by the APFN, if this Processing takes place pursuant to
    1. the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or within the context of the exercise of official authority of the Controller, or
    2. the pursuit of the legitimate interest of APFN or of a Third Party to which the data are provided.

In case of objection APFN will in principle cease the further Processing. If APFN can show that its compelling legitimate interests override the interests or fundamental rights and the fundamental freedoms of the Data Subject, the Processing will be continued. If the objection is legitimate, APFN will (free of charge) take the measures that are required to stop processing the Personal Data for the relevant purposes.

  1. In a Processing for the purpose of ‘direct marketing’, a Data Subject will have the right to object at any time. In case of objection APFN will immediately stop the Processing for direct marketing purposes (free of charge) and not resume this.

By objecting to the use of personal data, you can no longer use the facilities of the APFN platform.


Legal protection

If the Data Subject is of opinion that the legal provisions regarding the privacy protection or the provisions of these regulations are not enforced correctly towards him or her, he or she can lodge a complaint in writing with the APFN Platform via


If APFN has rejected a request and/or APFN has rejected the Data Subject’s request, the Data Subject can:

  1. file a complaint with a supervisory authority, the Personal Data Authority (;
  2. initiate application proceedings before the subdistrict court. The application must be lodged with the subdistrict court within six weeks of receipt of the response from APFN. If APFN has not responded to the Data Subject’s request within the set period, the application must be lodged within six weeks after expiry of that period. It is not necessary for an application to be lodged by a lawyer;


Retention period

As this is a temporary project, all data pertaining to subscribers will be deleted from our database during the end of the first academic semester of 2019-2020 of the TU/e. After December 1st, 2019 all data on the website will be deleted, including all data by subscribers.




The latest privacy statement is always binding. Subscribers will be notified via email when or if any changes occurs to our privacy statement.