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July 30, 2019


Duration of this project

Due to legal reasons, students are not allowed to rent for more than three months under this structure. By then, the student should have found its own place, otherwise it’s breaking the law. Finding long-term housing is the responsibility of the student, and cannot be done from the APFN platform.


The tenant

It is the tenant’s sole responsibility to find housing externally of APFN within three months. The tenant must provide truthful and accurate information to the landlords to base their selection on.

The landlord

It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide truthful and accurate information to the tenants to base their selection on.

TU/Eindhoven and the initiators of this project

Our main task is to bring together tenants and landlords via this platform. This will help incoming students to find a temporary place to sleep, but is not a guarantee. We are not responsible for students to find housing, nor are we obliged to house all incoming students – though we hope that every one of them succeeds in doing so. We therefore encourage tenants to use this platform as an aid or last resort, not as the main way to find housing.

We cannot be held liable for any unforeseen events that affect either the landlord or tenant, rather, our responsibility is to bring together tenants and landlords in a structured way. Our platform has been setup in a way that provides both parties a selection procedure, based on an information profile of the other party.

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