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July 30, 2019

Housing Guidelines for Landlords/Hosts

The procedure

  1. Upload your house to the website
  2. Wait for interested tenants
  3. Receive a mail with an x-number of interested tenants, match with one
  4. Have contact via phone or Skype with that person
  5. If both parties are happy, a contract needs to be signed and the tenant can move in

Having your house on this platform

Opening up your house via this platform comes with a code of conduct.

  1. State clearly from what exact date a tenant could move in, and make sure that you’re able to welcome your tenant at that date
  2. Don’t be discriminatory on your profile. We understand that you have a preferred gender, which is an option, but excluding a whole race or nationality is odious
  3. Exact figures as indicated below should be included in the contract
  4. Don’t ask more rent than 50% of your total rent
  5. Don’t ask the tenant to pay rent in advance, before meeting each other
  6. You may ask for a deposit, not exceeding one month of your tenant’s rent

Being a landlord

Living together requires work and communication from both sides.

  • You have a guest over who is using your facilities. You don’t have to do all the cleaning and tidying up by yourself, so draw up a plan together and communicate well
  • You are encouraged to have additional house rules, such as no smoking allowed inside. Your place, your rules
  • It is expected that you have the basics ready for your guest: a bed with sheet, a pillow and towels. After a good night of sleep, the rest can be arranged
  • Provide some space for your guest’s stuff, such as clothes and devices. This can be a closet, or a cabinet. As long as it won’t irritate both of you by having to throw it on the floor
  • Communication is key! Talk about what you both want, how to improve your living arrangement, and how to solve disputes. No household is perfect, so work on it together
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