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July 30, 2019

Housing Guidelines for Tenants/Guests

The procedure

Municipal registration at places offered by the APFN platform is not possible!

  1. Make an online profile on the website
  2. Look for rooms, select interesting ones
  3. Landlords will decide if there’s a match
  4. When matched, you and the landlord have contact by phone or Skype
  5. If both parties are happy, a contract needs to be signed and you can move in

Looking for a house on this platform

Seeking housing on this platform comes with a code of conduct.

  1. Your landlord will provide the date on which you can move in
  2. Exact figures as indicated below should be included in the contract by the landlord
  3. The landlord can’t ask more rent than 50% of his/her total rent
  4. Never pay rent in advance, before meeting each other
  5. The landlord may ask for a deposit, not exceeding one whole month of your rent

Being a tenant

Living together requires work and communication from both sides.

  • You are a guest at someone’s place, and you’re using their facilities. Keeping the place clean and tidy together will be appreciated. Draw up a plan together with your landlord
  • Behaving yourself at your host’s place speaks for itself, but they might have additional house rules, such as no smoking allowed inside
  • The landlord will have the basics ready for your first night: a bed with sheets, a pillow and towels. After a good night of sleep, the rest can be arranged
  • Communication is key! Talk about what you both want, how to improve your living arrangement, and how to solve disputes. No household is perfect, so work on it together